KicksUSA Martial Arts Center, Pleasanton

Choosing a Martial Arts School is not an easy task as there are a large number of martial arts schools to choose from, different styles and different prices.  Ultimately, you must make a choice that best represents a value that you are willing to pay.

Here at KicksUSA, we are a very family-oriented, structured and organized Tae Kwon Do based martial art school.  The principle product being taught at KicksUSA are 12 Life Skills.  These Life Skills are the center of developing solid character traits that leads to developing the potential contained within us all.  While each student will certainly learn self-defense, our school is not only about teaching you kicks and punches, but about teaching you skills that will help you develop your talent whether it be actual kicking and punching or focusing for a test in school or organizing yourself at work.

KicksUSA offers regularly scheduled group classes or private instruction to those who prefer 1-to-1 instruction or have special needs that need to be adapted to.  KicksUSA has a long history of successful private lesson students as well as success for those having special needs.

Today, all of us have to deal with challenges that are overwhelming. Sadly, it is nearly impossible to shield your children from these challenges.  But, there is something you can do to help them deal with the many challenges we all face.

Many parents have already discovered that martial arts training is one of the most beneficial activities in which your child can participate. A martial arts school is a place where a student can learn self-control, respect, and get in shape, all in a safe and fun environment.  This applies not only to children but to adults as well, especially those in the age range of 13 to 18.

By enrolling your child in our martial arts classes, you’ll be helping them learn how to make positive choices.  Plus, you’ll be giving them a safe place where they can develop the confidence to do what is right.

Now, you might be asking, which martial arts studio is the right one for us?  The best way to choose your martial arts studio is to visit them and actually watch the class you or your child will be attending.  If you like the way the class is run, the next step is to get some basic information regarding the program you are interested in.  Lastly, check and see if there a trial program or introductory package that will allow you or your child to experience the class before taking the financial step.

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