KicksUSA first opened its doors in 1996 under the ownership of BKJN Ricardo Oliverira.  The original name of the school was West Coast Fong – Pleasanton since this school was directly connected with Grand Master Ed Fong, who was the Master instructor of BKJN Ricardo.  The first location was in the Raley’s Shopping Center on Sunol Blvd.  Two years later, we had an opportunity to move to the Adobe Plaza, which we did, and have been here since then.

On January 1st 2007, I became the official Owner and Chief Instructor of KicksUSA Martial Arts Center.  I started my training in 1998 when I was 42.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to become a Black Belt or not but I loved the physical training I was getting out of my classes.  Well, 2 1/2 short years later, I was standing in front of my Master Instructor receiving my 1st Dan Black Belt.  Since then I have trained for and earned my 2nd Dan Black Belt (2003), my 3rd Dan Black Belt (2006) and my 4th Dan Black Belt (2010).