Life Skills

At KicksUSA, we strongly believe that learning our life skills will build the character foundation that will lead to proper choices and decision making in your life.  While certainly these life skills can be applied to learning martial arts, they are intended to be applied at home, at school and at work.  This is re-enforced in the promotion process by having each student have a Notice of Intent to Promote signed by their parents and by their primary teacher to ensure that the life skills are being transferred from the studio to home, school and work.  If a parent or a teacher does not recommend a student for promotion due to inappropriate behavior, the student will not be allowed to test for promotion.  We emphasize a life skill each month and try to have each student discover, nurture and grow the monthly life skill within themselves.  Each Life Skill has a definition from which we provide the examples of the kinds of behaviors that exhibit the Life Skill of the month.

Life Skills List