KicksUSA first opened its doors in 1996 under the ownership of BKJN Ricardo Oliverira.  The original name of the school was West Coast Fong – Pleasanton since this school was directly connected with GM Ed Fong, who was the Master instructor of BKJN Ricardo.

After a few years, BKJN Ricardo decided that he wanted full control of the curriculum and knew that he must break from GM Fong and become his own school.  The result was the formation of Kicks USA Martial Arts Center.

In 2006, I was looking to open up a martial arts school of my own when I was approached by BKJN Ricardo and asked if I would consider purchasing Kicks USA.  I thought for a very brief moment and replied yes.  So on January 1st of 2007, I became the proud Owner and Chief Instructor of KicksUSA Martial Arts Center.

If you look closely, the spelling of the name changed when I bought the studio and eliminated the space and made the school name one word – KicksUSA.